Early Identification & Comprehensive Assessment

Ask for a group session, class seminar, or family workshop tailored to your needs:

1. Early Identification & Management of Children at Risk for Auditory-Verbal Communication Disorders  (75')

2. Scope of Effective Early Intervention for Families of Children with Hearing Loss  (60') 


3. Practical Strategies for Birth to Three Intervention with Families of Children with Hearing Loss (60')

4. Ways to Plan and Play while Learning to Listen and Talk: Strategies and Resources (75') 


5. Are Your Children Safely Listening? (45’) 

6. Early identification of Speech/Hearing Problems in the Medical Community  (1 hr.)

7. Why Comprehensive Diagnostic Information is Essential for Speech & Language IEP Programming of Auditory-Oral, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children! (45') 

8. Bridging Assessment to Instruction. (6 Hr. Individualized  Presentation)