Recommendations From Medical Community

The Sack Family

Dr.  P. always thinks outside of the box and she individualizes her services to meet  the needs of the specific child she is working with. She is far more than a  speech and language therapist. She provides a comprehensive educational and auditory management program for her students. It is truly incredible that Dr. Peterson in addition to all that she does finds the time to attend her students’ plays, sporting events, parties, and anything else that a student of hers is involved in. As mentioned, Dr. P. is a professional that is 100% committed to her students.  After eight years of working with Jordan, Dr. P. remained involved in Jordan’s future plans by writing letters for colleges and scholarship applications, and acted as an advisor in his college decision making process.   As she continued to maintain her personal and professional relationship with Jordan and our family after high school, it is no surprise that Jordan insisted that Dr. Peterson be seated in the front row for his Phi Beta Kappa speech upon his graduation from Brown University in 2010 and again when he received his M.D. degree from Brown Medical School in 2014.  As you might imagine, our relationship continues to flourish. It is our family’s experience that the efforts of Dr. P. allow  each of her students to maximize their God given potential. We can safely say that our son, Jordan, is as successful as he is today as a direct result of the professional expertise and personal dedication of Dr. Laura Peterson; she is a phenomenal educator therapist, advocate, and friend."      

Dr. Lisa Lieberman Sack, D. M.D.